If It’s Worth Striving For, It’s Worth Preserving NOW!

Most people start thinking about planning their Estates when they reached retirement age. After all, the normal progression of life is to get out of school, start a career, get married, have kids, get your kids through university, retire, become grandparents, enjoy life… and then, after a long and fulfilling life, we know that we will eventually pass on..

The Way We Operate Our Practices and the Practice of Our Lives

As the saying goes “time and tide waits for no man.” Today marked the 3rd month of our educational and awareness newsletter to public on Asset Protection and Preservation of their hard earned wealth for high complex, both Muslim and Non Muslim, clients. Having trained and acquired relevant qualification in Financial Planning has enabled us to practice professionally with much confidence..

Looking back years of practice (PART 1)

Being in practice, A.D. FINANCIAL, having the basic instinct of “PRESERVATION” had definitely come a long way in understanding the complexities of Malaysian wealth. In this Part 1 article, we shall firstly define the extent of complexities of an individual‘s wealth..

If it is worth striving for, it is worth preserving


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