Looking back years of practice (PART 2)

Our previous volume 4 defines the extent of complexities of an individual‘s wealth. In this article, we shall be discussing about 10 common mistakes that a high complex individual had committed in their Asset Protection and Preservation strategies on their hard earned wealth..

Preserving Your Business..Biggest asset that brought you to who you are today (Part 2)

In our last volume, we spoke about succession issues for various types of business and its ownership and leadership challenges faced by the founders. Business Succession Planning challenges consist of both Non Family and Family Business Succession Planning. Although fundamentally they posed similar challenges, both of these characteristic has its own uniqueness when come to planning..

Family Office: Wealth Preservation Strategies

“I don’t see any problem owning my wealth in my personal name” said Robert (not his real name) during one of our interviews with him. We pondered and replied “For many obvious reasons, there are certainly nothing wrong with owning our wealth in our personal name. However, since we are not immortal, are you okay upon your demise, regardless of whether you have a Will or not, all assets under your name will be frozen and become an Estate?

If it is worth striving for, it is worth preserving


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