At A.D. Family Office, we start our relationship by listening to you and putting… YOU FIRST. We truly understand that Family Values differ from one family to another.

Family Values of harmony, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, honesty, loyalty, and filial piety are some essential hallmarks of an Asian Family. With over 18 years of experience, A.D. Family Office has developed and posessed the flair and ability to understand the diversity of families in many ways. Customizing and prioritizing the importance of each of the values for the family as well as the future descendants, has always been a DNA of A.D.

Characteristics of an Asian Family Culture

Each family culture is as unique as the family that exemplifies it. While it's impossible to define uniform characteristics of a family culture, there are some things that typically do make up a family culture. 

Unspoken - Families don't often discuss their culture, they just know what's expected and accepted.
Elder Expectations - Older generations have a high expectation that the younger generations will keep the same values, customs, and overall family culture.
Reciprocal Relationships - All family members are held to the same standard and expected to reciprocate what's given to them or how they are treated.
How do I involve my children in my generational wealth strategic plan?
The earlier the better. The best age to start is when they are in their mid twenties and before they are married. The process of grooming the children and centralise part (if not full) of the family wealth to them requires some well planned efforts and patience. Developing and dividing the grooming process into a few stages is encouraged. Remember, every drop makes an ocean, and the founder has to realise that it is the process that matters, NOT the result. When the process is done consistently, the result will show. Patience is gold.
How do we make decisions as a family, maintaining harmony and unity at each generation?
How can we resolve conflicts and prevent legal battles among our descendants?

Family Wealth

Asian family wealth typically began with baby boomers. Most family wealth were started by first generation entrepreneur founder(s). They succeeded by taking huge risks and pursuing opportunities regardless of the available resources under their control. The one common trait is passion; passion about the business and the belief that their judgment about the market is right even in the face of naysayers who discouraged them. Because of this passion, Asian entrepreneurs tend to be very attached emotionally to the business that created their wealth.

I have built substantial wealth. Many assets and companies. I have a messy management system. How and where do I begin?
Start by understanding the complexities of the family wealth structure, streamline those redundant assets and develop the family net worth. Its never too late to compile an asset listing and develop an appropriate system to manage that wealth. Do a Asset Protection & Preservation Health Check test to gain clarity about your situation.
To build it takes years, to lose it takes second. What are my options to protect my wealth.
Managing and growing the family wealth has been a challenge. How do I get independent advise?

If it is worth striving for, it is worth preserving


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