Single Family Office

How can a Family Office support you and your family?

As the name implies, Family Office is an office that is set up to provide wealth management solutions to a particular family. Family wealth holding structure, administration of complex wealth, consolidation of assets with consistent performance management and investment strategies, philanthropic services, tax and legal services, trusteeship or protectorship and risk management are part of the offering depending on the need of the family.

A Family Office further facilitates the organisation of concierge services (travel arrangements), coordinate insurance solutions, manage the family private jet or yacht, investing in private equity, managing real estate and even managing mergers & acquisitions of family business. 

A core function of the Family Office is to effectively transfer established wealth across generations while acting as an inter-generational touchstone for the family’s collective values and heritage.

Are you ready to set up a family office?

Setting up a single family office? Do the healthcheck here:

A.D. Family Office self-assessment questionnaire is a good place to start when considering engaging a family office and reviewing your family’s broader financial picture. It will help you assess the degree to which you have a handle on your financial affairs and where you may need some help getting and keeping them in good order for generations.

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