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The most common Motive for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)


Resilient Asian Family Owned Business have faced many economic cycles and crises. They grow stronger and bigger after each and every crisis. Their success can be due to the contribution by founders who were innovative, risk and opportunity seekers, hardworking and having a strong entrepreneurial attitude.

The decision to sell a family owned business involves strong emotions, interpersonal relationships with family members, and complex financial issues related to taxes and wealth management following the sale.

Whether you are acquiring or disposing your company, at A.D. Family Office, we provide advisory for Sell-side and Buy-side whichever the model. We provide due diligence and help you analyse financials, operations, people, culture, assets, capabilities, processes, and technologies.

At A.D. Family Office, we understand how much effort that you have put in growing the business to where it is today. Our role is to enhance the Acquisition Value of your Family Business. Our process includes but is not limited to:

  • Ensure there are clear organization objectives understood universally by the employees;
  • Value Customers, clients, suppliers, channel partners and management and talent of employees;
  • Ensure systems and technology, infrastructure and investment are aligned with both the strategy and goals of the company.
  • Ensure Processes and system, SOPs, are safe, effective, efficient and documented well;
  • Understand the company infrastructure and IT support organisation to enable employees to achieve job-specific, departmental and corporate objectives;
  • Ensure security and compliance for customers, process, intellectual property and financial data are all secure and in compliance;
  • Ensure financials and reportings to be accurate and on time.


The nature, size, scope, and history of a family business will dictate just how much advance planning is required to arrive at an appropriate valuation. At A.D. Family Office, we perform these services whether the valuation is by reference to past transactions, market price comparisons, cashflow models or other methods. Business valuation services are required when:

  • A family business owner wishes to sell his business;
  • An investor wishes to sell his shares in a company;
  • A family business acquirer wishes to buy a business or shares in a company;
  • An assessment of fair value is required for any dispute;
  • A fair value is required for accounting purposes;
  • Unique assets have to be valued for business purposes e.g. intellectual property rights and computer software.


If it is worth striving for, it is worth preserving


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