Succeeding Generation

Supporting Founders In Transitioning Their Family Business

According to a family business survey conducted by PWC Malaysia, the importance of succession planning and its ideology are far behind as compared to global statistics.


Asian Family Wealth was predominantly built by the baby boomers as the 1st generation founder(s). They focused on long-term value as opposed to short-term gain whilst growing the family business. During the last 20 years, we have witnessed many family businesses in Asia transition from 1st generation to the 2nd generation, and thereupon to the 3rd generation.

While this can be regarded as a stroke of good fortune, it is also in fact, a great challenge for the transferring generation as well as for the recipient generation. A.D. Family Office strives to support the generation of founders in the planning and the implementation of the transition plan by customising and managing the process of transition. At the same time, we want to help the (adult) children in these families by providing them with the necessary tools and vocabulary to prepare them for their future role as guardians of the family’s wealth. With this in mind, we have launched our Young Succeeder Chapter program. Download our brochure by clicking on the icon below:

If it is worth striving for, it is worth preserving


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