Islamic Wealth Management

Shariah Compliant Wealth Management To Manage Wealth Prudently

Asian Families who are Muslims can be assured that all plans are geared towards Shariah principles. Setting up a Shariah Family Office requires lots of experience, competency and holistic planning based on the family and wealth complexities. We understand the difference from conventional wealth management in terms of the prohibition on riba (usury), gharar (excessive uncertainty), maysir (gambling) and investing in prohibited items.

At A.D. Family Office, we have the qualification of Islamic Financial Planner (IFP) and the required license in Islamic Wealth Management. Being your preferred adviser, we practice the critical thinking of Preservation first, Accumulation Second and Distribution last, be it your polygamous marriages or your family wealth complexities. Ensuring your hard earned wealth can be passed down to future generations compliant with Syariah principles, has always been our DNA.

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