Tax & Structuring

Planning strategies to manage your Family Office Tax impact.

At A.D., we work closely with your Family Office. We will guide you through the range of tax planning options and help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. With this understanding, you can make informed decisions that reflect your individual/family wealth planning objectives for today and tomorrow.


Our key focus areas include:


  • Determining the proper tax efficient structure for your Family Office
  • Assisting with tax disputes and controversies for founder and Family Office.
  • Assist in constructing the capital statement (a.k.a net worth statement) for the purpose of tax audit and investigation.
  • Making investments through family partnerships, trusts and individual ownership to minimise income and estate tax.
  • Evaluating the overall tax impact on investment decisions and complicated investment opportunities.
  • Examining the creation of trusts and similar vehicles to accomplish planning objectives



Self-assessment Questionnaire

Tax questions? Do the Tax & Structuring healthcheck section in the questionnaire below:

A.D. Family Office self-assessment questionnaire is a good place to start when considering engaging a family office and reviewing your family’s broader financial picture. It will help you assess the degree to which you have a handle on your financial affairs and where you may need some help getting and keeping them in good order for generations.

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