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Insurance Planning

Life Insurance has been the cheapest and most effective funding mechanism for many wealth investments. We can understand why some are skeptical about this product. We can also understand why some were even wrongly sold on this product. Whatever the situation, we can assist to assess the needs and the types of life insurance products be it an onshore or offshore life insurance policy.  

During our last 18 years, we have provided significant solutions for our Family Office clients. A versatile product that is able to fit into many situations of the family needs, Cases such as:

  • Funding for estate taxes for offshore assets
  • Protecting assets from creditors by injecting such assets into the policy.
  • As an equaliser strategy when comes to distribution planning
  • Potential estate tax liability
  • Funding mechanism for buy or sell of a share sale agreement
  • Key Employee(s) protection and retention plan.
  • Liquidity planning for family wealth upon the demise of founder. 
  • Enhance the family wealth by refinancing a hard asset with low borrowing cost to create a huge coverage.


Investment Committee

As part of the investment committee, our role is to design an investment policy and to engage with the family closely. We deliver a consolidated investment strategy, benchmarks and restrictions are normally based on your family’s decision. We believe the more closely your family members are involved in the committee, the more they will engage with the investment strategy, being reviewed regularly in order to suit changing needs.

A.D. Family Office organizes and coordinates investment committee meetings and recommends institutionalising these events to maintain regular communication among family members.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

The Outsourced CIO model was in response to profound changes that have taken place in the investment environment over the last decade. The demand for independent advise has been significantly increased since the last global financial crisis. Taken as a whole, the investment process is today far more time and resource-intensive than ever before.

At A.D. Family Office, we function independently in the interest of our client. The outsourcing of the CIO function is desired to:

  • Optimise management and oversight of increasingly complex investment portfolios.
  • Enable timely decision-making.
  • Competitive cost of investment.
  • Better deals with a more rigorous regulatory environment.

Private Equity Advisory

Private Equity and other long-term investments can help improve the overall diversification and return potential of your portfolio. Together with the family, we develop tailor-made investment strategies. We pre-select suitable investment opportunities for you.

Our service is predominantly focused on direct investment onto the target company.

Our service includes supporting managing the investee and the expectation of the company deliverables, advice on how to exercise any voting rights, investment monitoring and reporting, as well as the handling of capital calls.


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