Family Governance

Creating Clarity, Focus And Achieving Greater Harmony Between Family Members

Family governance is a process or structure to educate and facilitate communication between Asian family members. It also provides a forum for constructive discussion, problem solving and decisions about the family as it relates to the business, as well as how the business relates to the family. By proactively anticipating the challenges, there is a greater chance of creating and maintaining alignment between the family and the business.  

At A.D. Family Office, we understand the need to customise the family governance in order to align all family members the way it should be. Our unique approach enables the finest and well crafted family governance process that is robust and yet flexible to endure for generations.

We hold to our principles that family members must embrace the process, at least for the first two years, through regular family council meetings.

A.D. Family Office, with its proven methodologies, has been assisting and will continue to assist families to professionalise the family relationship as well as the family wealth.  

If it is worth striving for, It is worth preserving


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